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This site is an online, free, and secure web-version video cropping tool. You can easily crop your video file and delete the parts you don't want. Crop video is a common requirement. For example, remove the text and LOGO on the video, make a video preview clips, convert the video into a small GIF file, and so on. In general, you can download video processing software to complete. This tool uses HTML5 and JS technology to run directly in the browser. After processing, save the results to the computer. Your video files do not need to be uploaded to other places, ensuring data security.
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Supported video formats - MP4,WEBM,MOV,FLV,3GP,M4V,MPG,MPEG,MKV,AVI,WMV,MV,DV,ASF,3G2
Four steps to use this tool
  1. Prepare your video file and click the button to open it. Or drag it from the computer folder.
  2. Set the cropping parameters, you can use the mouse to drag, or you can enter a value in the input box. You can set the start and end time of the video. You can set the cropping area. The cropping area is determined by the coordinates of the upper left corner and the width and height.
  3. Click the crop button to start processing. The processing time depends on your computer hardware configuration. The JS file needs to be loaded for the first use, please be patient.
  4. After the processing is completed, the output file and download button will be displayed. Click the button to download the video file to your computer. End.
 Free & online
This tool is completely free. It can be used by opening the browser. You can use it on mobile phones, computers, and tablets. It can be used in Windows, Mac and Linux systems.
 Data Security
Using HTML5 technology. Process video files on the browser side without uploading video files. The video file does not leave your device. So it protects the security of your video data and protects your data privacy from infringement.
 Simple & precise
Simple and intuitive operation to meet. Concise operation steps. You can drag the mouse to set the cropping area, or you can enter precise values. Meet your various needs.
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